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May 29, 2017

Why have I lost my confidence?

When working with riders I hear these anguished comments all the time ...“....But I’ve ridden challenging horses all my life...I’ve had so many falls and it’s never affected me like this before...I used to really enjoy a good gallop across country but can’t do open spaces any more.....I just freeze when I think about jumping ....”

So WHY do we lose our confidence?

I think it helps to imagine loss of confidence as the brain’s way of keeping us stuck – or a BRAIN CAGE – a place where we do the “What if’s” to be on the look-out for trouble - a place where we don’t voluntarily want to move out of.

Now why would the brain want to do that to us ?

Simply put – to keep us from harm.

At some point we had an experience that frightened, confused us or threatened us in some way, and our Physical Emergency Response (PER) aka “Fight or Flight” response kicks in. But there are two other aspects to the PER that riders might also relate to, those of “Faint and Freeze”.  I’ve ha...

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