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In the Zone program - Instructions for use

Instructions for use

Here’s your Quick and Easy solution to get you back into your “Zone” for optimum performance, and into the best frame of mind for competing, feeling more confident, focused, and calm.​

This is a unique proven program - comprised of TWO powerful hypnosis sessions, to prime your mind for success.​The suggestions and techniques incorporated in these sessions, have already helped hundreds of riders, from novice to professional over the past 15 years.

Step 1

At least a week before your next outing

Find a comfortable place where you won’t be disturbed for 20 minutes, and not while you’re driving or doing another job. You’ve invested in these sessions, so why not get the most out of them by setting aside time just for yourself? At bedtime just before sleeping is a good time, and don’t worry if you nod off because your inner mind will take on board any suggestions that it needs to.

Listen to the “Get in the Zone” recording.

Step 2

Once a day, for 3 days

Listen to the “Get in the Zone” recording

Step 3

Two days before your outing

Listen to the “Brain rehearsal” recording.

Step 4

The day before your outing

What you would like your inner mind to tell yourself, about how you experience the coming outing, that’s positive?

So, you can’t say “I will not do such and such….” or “don’t think about being scared…”

Turn it around into something you’d like to believe about yourself - that’s positive.

For example -” I am enjoying the day, or I am staying in the present moment, or I am able to keep focused on ….”

Then listen again to the “Brain rehearsal” recording.

Your recordings can be used time and time again, to prepare yourself for specific outings, and as a booster whenever needed.

Have fun,

Sherree x

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