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Part 2 - More motivation tips for riders

PART 2 – Seven more motivation tips for Horse Riders

Set yourself up for success. You’ll have already made your Plan and chunked your goals down into small steps - so make your environment as supportive as possible, remove distractions and make it easy to have fun.

Think back to past achievements and what inspired you. Now visualise the success of completing your ride or project and really FEEL how it will feel when you’ve done it. Then briefly imagine the regret you’d feel if you didn’t.

Keep “the wheels moving” and stay in action. Chunk goals down and tick each success off on your wall planner to recognise just how far you’ve come.

Plan some variety to keep you and your horse interested. Alternate hacks and schooling and add some fun outings along the way.

Learn some new schooling and ground skills exercises – the “101 Schooling/Jumping/ Horsemanship” series of books are great – or get some ideas from your Instructor.

Buddy up with a friend. That way you’ll be accountable have encouragement and enjoy some company too.

Expect some resistance - so build in some rewards for yourself and your horse along the way.

Remember it’s all just playtime!

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