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Am I suffering lack of confidence or is it actually just lack of motivation?

Is this feeling lack of confidence or is it actually lack of motivation?

This seems to be a common theme with my clients at this dark, grey, cold, wet time of year – when everything is just so much more effort.

So here’s a quick test –

Without labelling that feeling – think about it now – really get into that feeling – where do you feel it in your body ?

If it’s in your stomach or chest it’s likely to be anxiety and lack of confidence.

If it’s in your head – accompanied by a lot of chatter and excuses it’s likely to be lack of motivation.

Another quick test –

If everything were set up for success – it’s a lovely sunny day – your horse was bought in and groomed for you – you had the idea place to ride out or school – and you were accompanied by lovely supportive sensible safe friends would you feel about riding then ?

Yes - then that feeling is probably a combination of both lack of motivation and confidence.

You see our brains are designed to keep up safe and comfortable – and in order to do this it ensures we are always primed to move away from discomfort towards comfort – away from pain towards pleasure.

One really good exercise to increase motivation is –

Really remember with WHY you enjoy doing this and WHO you are when you’re at your very best.

Then think about the next time you’re aiming to ride and plan the whole day in your head – think about how great you feel about the day at bedtime – then run the whole day backwards in your mind.

Do this Twice - adding in anything else you need that will make you feel great or more comfortable (like thermal bloomers in my case!)

How do you feel now?

I hope this has been of help to you and if you’d like to receive more tips information please like my Face-book page and visit the website where there are complimentary hypnosis recordings on the downloads page.

Comment below or contact me to chat through any issue you’re struggling with.

I look forwards to hearing from you.

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