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  • Sherree Russell

How to overcome the fear of being out of control

Some thoughts about brain training and hypnosis to resolve this fear as well as the other factors involved in helping you to overcome this.

As a Hypnotherapist and Sports psychologist and ex Riding instructor I’m passionate about helping riders to put the fun back into their riding.

I also have a lot of tools in my toolkit - which gives me a unique perspective when I work with riders from novice to professionals, in the comfort of an armchair to retrain their minds and overcome their fears , or recover their confidence after accidents or injury, and improve their sporting performance

So I’d like help you today if you have the - fear of being out of control.

And I think we all have this worry to a certain degree - after all in our sport - our partner is half a ton of horse - with a mind of his own – who can also be scared or excited.

So how do you overcome this fear?

The solution is often to be found in how you came to have this fear in the first place and every person’s fear is unique.

So let me ask you a few questions to start to point you in the right direction –

Can you pin point a cause?

Do you have a distinct memory that triggers this feeling?

When do you fear being out of control most? - Really nail into this question – be specific with your answer.

When are you IN control most?

What involvement has your current horse had in creating this fear?

What is your horse’s history and training? - and is your horse still contributing to keeping you worried?

Do you feel as worried if you’re riding another horse?

How supported do you feel you are by your instructor?

Never under-estimate the part a good instructor has to play in increasing your confidence - and although I no longer teach, I’m often referred clients by their instructors, and I also make sure when I first see new clients that they are supported by a good instructor - Because a good instructor will not only ride and assess your horse’s level of education, suitability and fitness for it’s job – but will also get a feel if there’s pain or injury which could be causing behavioural issues, and they will help you with a realistic, compassionate training plan for both you and your horse - to increase your skill set – and also your fitness and suppleness. Which means you will be in balance and able to be quick if your horse is sharp – and that which will help your confidence enormously.

When you think about where you keep your horse?

Do you feel safe there? Have you got good facilities – well fenced sand school and safe off road hacking ?

How supportive are the people and friends that are around you?

Have you got sensible friends and sensible horses to escort you if necessary?

Does anything need to change or improve?

How does your fear manifest in your thoughts?

Do you need help to deal with a bad memory?

What are you saying to yourself in your head?

What would you need to change about the way you’re talking to yourself?

How does this fear affect your beliefs about yourself and your ability to cope with this situation? Do these beliefs help you or hinder you?

And what would you need to change to believe something more useful?

What else is going on in your life right now?

What are you juggling in terms of work, relationship and children?

Are you feeling emotionally strong or out of control in any other part of your life?

You see nothing acts in isolation in the mind – and if you’re struggling in one area of your life, it can’t fail to impact another. Would you like help to deal with that too?

Confidence is like a brilliant diamond – it has many facets and all need to shine!

So if you’d like help to re-train your mind to overcome your fears and put the joy back in your life and the fun back in your riding, please contact me. I'm always happy to have a chat to find the best way to help you.

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