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  • Sherree Russell

Reducing your fear of falling off

As a Sports psychotherapist with a BSc in Clinical Hypnosis & NLP Master and ex riding instructor, I have lots of tools in toolkit, which gives me a unique perspective in my work with riders from novice to top professionals

  • helping them overcome their fears ,

  • recover their confidence after accidents or injury,

  • and improve their sporting performance

I’d like to talk about being worried about falling off and being injured and I think we all have this worry to a certain degree - after all in our sport our partner is half a ton of horse with a mind of his own - and can decide not to be co-operative.

The solution is often to be found in how the rider came to have this worry in the first place.

In order to find this out I’ll ask Questions such as -

What involvement has your current horse had in creating this worry? Do you feel as worried if riding another horse?

How supported are you in terms of – trainer - environment you keep your horse in & friends around you. – Does anything need to change or improve?

What is your internal dialogue like? What are you saying to yourself in your head and what would you need to change about the way you’re talking to yourself?

What are your beliefs about yourself and your ability to cope with this situation? Do these beliefs help or hinder? What would you need to change to believe something more useful?

Confidence is like a brilliant diamond – it has many facets and all need to shine!

If you’d like to overcome your worry and put the fun back in your riding – please contact – I’m always happy to have a chat and see how I can help you, and I’m happy to work via Skype or Face-time if you’re not able to travel to see me in Surrey or Sussex.

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