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  • Sherree Russell

You have my permission to get off if you ever needed it !

POSTED in a Nervous riders/ loss of confidence FB Group page

It was in like June I was hacking my pony and didn’t know he was terrified of lorries so when we was waiting at the traffic lights he saw a lorry that was coming past and lots of cars(was coming of the motorway) he kept out in the middle of the road and we are both so lucky the car stopped in time otherwise we would be dead and I didn’t ride for a couple of days then I got back on and went on a hack a couple of weeks after and now every time he sees a lorry we both get nervous but I know I have to comfort him so I stand him still and talk to him and let him look at it and the other day I went on a hack in a head collie and lead rope and I lorry was coming in the road right next to the pavement and I was so scared but I comforted him and he didn’t move and I’m so happy he’s getting better.

My Reply

You're doing absolutely the right thing............ - I always give my riders permission to get off (for many reasons) but in this case your horse needs your loving leadership on foot, between him and the thing he's frightened of. Horses are herd animals and if you're in that position you'd be the one to get eaten first & he'll be safe!. Re-assurance from the ground is brilliant too - as it's where he will have got it (hopefully) from humankind when he first experienced it.

Keep up the good work xx

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