"In the Zone" recording package

Unique, proven programs to offer you help in the comfort of your own home.
Are you having trouble getting into the right frame of mind for competing - or feeling anxious or nervous?

If so, here’s the Quick and Easy solution to get you back into your “Zone” for optimum performance, feeling more confident, focused and calm.

This is a unique proven program comprised of two powerful hypnosis recordings, which you listen to in the comfort of your armchair to prime your mind for success.

Chose the program for either-


Show Jumping


Your recordings can be used time and time again, to prepare yourself for specific events and as a booster whenever needed.

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For personal and totally confidential help to overcome TRAUMA caused by accident, incident or injury - I suggest three individual sessions – either at my practice in Surrey or via Zoom, Facetime or audio call. Cost £240.00 

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This two-step program is specifically designed to help you to easily get into your Zone of optimum performance for dressage competitions.


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