“My life has changed forever after just one session with you. 

I can hardly believe it. For 20 years my fear of heights had just been getting worse and worse. 


It had got to the point where I couldn’t even cross a low bridge across a stream to get to my children. 


I had to duck out of cliff-top walks. We couldn’t visit castles, adventure playgrounds, theme parks, anywhere where there might be something high.


As the children got older I was worried about transmitting my terror to them. 


Now I can go anywhere with them. While jumbo big dippers may never be my favourites, 


I have driven across the Severn Bridge which used to have me literally in hysterics and I have done a cliff top walk. 


I cannot thank you enough!”


Fiona (Sussex)

Dear Sherree,


Thank you very much for helping me. 


Now I can go in my garden and my bathroom on my own because I am not terrified that there will be spiders there. 


I loved seeing your horses and I was really glad that my mum was with me even though we just sat down and had a little chat. 


It didn’t hurt at all and I think you are very kind and clever.


Love from Izzie xxx (Age 11)

“I have been an agoraphobic for about 40 years, and have tried numerous medications and therapies, to no avail, so I was naturally sceptical, but after a very warm welcome from Sherree, I felt relaxed and ready to learn the process.


Sherree has a way of explaining the Programme so I slowly understood most of it, and she always was ready to answer my questions. At the end of 3 days I was anxious to go out and test myself.


I am now a much happier person and pleased that I met Sherree.” 


Elizabeth (Sussex)

I was looking to have an intervention free home birth and hypno birthing really interested me. 


My mother, a midwife of 30 years, knew Sherree and recommended her to me. Sherree made me feel welcome and relaxed upon arriving and I found the hypno birthing process itself very interesting and refreshing. 


Sherree helped me see my labour in a whole new light and with the very effective techniques I was able to have the completely drug free, calm home birth experience I had hoped for. 


Thank you Sherree for helping me achieve such a wonderful memory. 


Abi xx

Hi Sherree,


I don’t know if you remember, but when we did the lightning process with you one of the things we focused on was Tobias not wanting to go on a school trip to Devon because of his coach sickness.


He has done a lot of the visualization that you taught him, and we did a practice trip to London as you suggested.


He went away very happily on the trip, had an amazing time doing all sorts of water based activities and then a lot of football! He was so confident on the way home he didn’t take his sickness pills all the way because he knew he didn’t need them.


Next week he has been asked to go on a school trip to Thorpe Park which is awarded to pupils who have made a significant contribution to the school and he is not at all worried about another coach trip!


Thank you again for everything, you haven’t just helped him recover from ME you have made him a much more confident person able to deal with things him self and much more prepared for life.


Belinda  X 

Today we went to the summer fair at our school. We spent 2 hours spending money on the stalls and playing games. 


After that there was a talent show and I was in it. Everyone was great, and at the end the judges were left to decide, while a few friends and I did a run around quiz. 


When the judges were ready they released the results. And ..................... in joint 3rd were Heady and Elsie (singing), and Liyae  (Hoola Hooping). In 2nd place were Lily, Georgia and Matthew ( singing, tap). 


And in the wonderful first place was .................. MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! ( SINGING AND DANCING)

Thank you Sherree for helping my life




Love from



Just phoned to say thank you. 


I came to see you two days before my BHS Intermediate teaching exam feeling very nervous and uptight and worried about how I going to be able to get through it. 


You helped me enormously with my nerves, confidence, and made me “ keep it real”, and I’m pleased to tell you that I’ve passed with Distinction !...



Hi Sherree, 


Just to let you know Joe is still doing great.  


He is starting Year 2 in September can you believe???!!!  We still are indebted to you for your support and often think how lucky we were that Joe managed to escape ME with your help.  He is great - loves school and has lots of friends.  


He still hasn't the stamina of his peers but in April he started his first after school club - Samurai Little Ninjas - which is very physical but in a controlled way and he loves it.  


I'm hoping this will help him build his stamina as he's certainly very physical and enjoys sport.  Up to this point we've done very little after school as he is exhausted by the end of the school day.  


We are just so pleased he can take part in a full school day. 


Love Jackie

Please note - results may vary from person to person as everyone is unique and each client's program is tailored to them.

Hi Sherree

I'm really well and I'm still not smoking. I’m also pregnant with number 3, so thank goodness I'd already been to see you and didn't have to go cold turkey !