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“You made me feel much better about life & horses. Many thanks..I think I'm riding on forward again now.”     



Hi Sherree,


Hope you are well, 


I just had to let you know that I had the best ride ever with my daughter last night!  


We had a really nice long canter through the pine woods, it was so nice, I could have gone on for ever.  


So thank you for giving me back my’ where shall we canter’, instead of my, ‘I never want to canter’ mentality.





Hello Sherree,


Have just  been out for a blast on Hippo - our first proper (intentional) gallop  - and it was exhilarating for both of us!  Thank you so much for your help.  We still have a few little issues to iron out in our partnership, but at last I am really starting to enjoy riding again.


Best wishes,


Jo (and Hippo)

 Hi Sherree,


You may recall that I came to see you last year about competition nerves and promised to let you know how I got on. Unfortunately Hermoso went lame a couple of weeks after my session and was only brought out again to do competitions this June so until now I haven't been able to put the therapy to the test.


I entered 2 classes at the Lusitano Show at Hartpury last weekend, which was the scene of my crises in the past. A few weeks ago, as a practice run, I decided the night before to enter an English ridden showing class at Pachesham to see whether I was up to it. I went along to the show and completed the class and felt nerveless which I was really pleased about. 


The real test however was Hartpury. On Saturday night I was entered into the costume dressage to music. I went into the international arena and completed my test (dressed as Boudiccea!) in front of a grandstand of people, and again I didn't have the debilitating rush of adrenalin that I'd always had in the past. The following morning I did a ridden showing class in the international arena with an audience and was so relaxed before the class that I actually closed my eyes for a few moments while waiting in the collecting ring. 


The best bit however was about 3 minutes after the class started and he was going really nicely and softly. I think that must have triggered the hypnotism a bit more because all of a sudden I felt a wave of happiness and started grinning to myself.I really can't believe how my attitude has changed. I don't put pressure on myself to go out and win anymore and just enjoy riding the horses. Even my friend, who used to put doubts in my mind, can't dent my morale anymore. 


I enjoyed the Hartpury experience so much more, even being able to eat a big breakfast each day!I'd just like to say thank you so much for your help because I know I wouldn't have been able to do this without you. I have, and will continue, to recommend your services.


Best wishes,   



Hi Sherree,



Just to let you know my partnership with Ellie is going from strength to strength. We now regularly hack alone round fields and short cicuits of road work. Our confidence and trust in each other is improving daily. 


I remain sensitive to her needs, but am definitely the "leader". We went to our first proper show yesterday and entered 2 showing classes. She was a little tense to begin with, but considering she came into season on Saturday too, I was delighted with her behaviour. I really enjoyed the day and the icing on the cake was to come home with a 1st and a 6th! 


Have attached a picture of us together. We're still not ready for our dressage competition yet, but my aim is to get her out to some party once or twice a month and keep stretching our comfort zone. It may only be small steps, but we're having great fun along the way.



Kind regards


Julie  (and Ellie)

Hi Sherree,


Hope you are well.I


'm doing great. Wanted to let you know my progress with Strider. On Saturday 23rd July instead of taking the photos I took part in one of Janine's jumping clinics at Bedgebury. It was by chance that Janine had a group that Strider and I were able to join and by the end of the session we had jumped a course of fences approx 2ft high through fillers!! Strider was a superstar!!! Strider never been to Bedgebury or out to jump anywhere, and at home we had only jumped three fences at 40cm the Thursday before Saturday. We went to Bedgebury with the idea we would do as much as Strider was comfortable with and he was so brave. 


He was fantastic, i couldn't of asked for more. We jumped a course of jumps he's never seen before and some of them we cantered over and it appeared he was enjoying it. I'm so pleased. My bond with Strider is so strong now, I trust him and he trusts me. I worked out it has been at least 12 years since I been out and jumped a course of fences, and I've only jumped a few fences at home, so a huge achievement for me. What is so bizarre but great is that it all felt normal!! I wasn't half as nervous as I expected to be and even jumped a scary white fence with no problems. 


I came into the fence saying out loud - "it's fine! it's fine! its fine!" until we were over and it seemed to do the trick. I look forward to jumping again and hopefully there will be more photographic evidence. 


Dressage is going well too, we're currently taking some time away from competing to train at home and improve our technique before I register Strider with British Dressage so we can compete affiliated at Novice level from September. 


He's also had a sore back so been getting that sorted and taking our time to get back to normal.


Catch up soon, 



Hi Sherree,


I visited you on June 3rd with a huge problem cross country jumping, if you remember I had a fall and I had lost all my confidence and couldn'tsee me getting over the jump? Well,  


I went to the next event havingbeen eliminated at the last two and although we had one stop it was a silly one but we jumped the rest of the course confidently and it seemed as if he was taking me to jumps again and I wasn't worried anymore. 


The next event was Brightling Park and we jumped clear and we came 4th and yesterday we were 8th at Iping with another clear! (I have enclosed a pic from Brightling for you)All I can say is THANK YOU so much! Whatever you did worked. 


I sing your praises wherever I go and so many people have heard or been to you so you should be immensely proud and take credit for helping so many people.



Hi Sherree,


Just wanted to say thank you.


I took my horse out today, did two dressage tests and came 6th and 3rd. Results not withstanding I genuinely felt no fear. I hold my leadership stone very close, and nurture the part of me that wants to look after me. No idea what you did but it works !!!! 


Very inadequate but as I say thank you.



 My Story


I’d got to the stage in my riding where I felt nervous every time I rode, didn’t matter if I was schooling, jumping or hacking. I felt at my lowest point and I ended up in tears, so I told myself I had a choice, I either find a solution (someone to help me) or I give up! Despite my nerves I didn’t want to give up, I loved horses.


A friend had heard that Sherree had helped someone else out through hypnosis and she thought it would be good for me. I was a bit dubious to begin with, I wasn’t sure if I could be hypnotized. But I went and after the first session I felt amazing. I required a few more sessions but even after the first session I felt better and I had something to work on.


At the end of 2011 unfortunately my horse had some veterinary issues and all I could do was hack. Since seeing Sherree I knew I had the tools to deal with my nerves and gradually over time my confidence out hacking grew and I found I could challenge myself to do more. I was now happy to hack on the road, off the road, walk, trot and canter in fields and I was enjoying myself! In 2013 for the first time ever I went on hacks in Bedgebury forest, on Ashdown forest and around Bewl water with a friend and I had the most amazing time. I absolutely loved every minute! I never imagined I would do something like this before, let alone thoroughly enjoy it and look forward to the next time! For the first time this year (2014) I have entered a few sponsored rides and I’m really looking forward to them!


Also this year, after a break of at least 4 years I have started jumping again. My horse is unable to jump so I have been going to a riding school for lessons. I was so proud after my first lesson, not only had I jumped 2ft but I had ridden a different horse (I have only ever ridden my own horse for the last 6 yrs) and felt absolutely fine. I really enjoy my jumping now, even though I fell off on my second lesson, but by my fifth lesson I’m jumping 2’6”-2’9”. I’m really proud of myself and what I’ve achieved, not only have I started jumping again but I’m riding other horses. I do not feel nervous, sometimes I worry but I know how to deal with my thoughts.


I’m amazed at where I am today and how far I’ve come and I believe Sherree has helped me get here. I couldn’t be happier and I look forward to the future and new challenges.  Without Sherree I probably would have given up.


Louisa Day

Ellie’s much better.


It took a couple of weeks for her to feel totally confident again but she is now, she is how she was before - not worrying if he’s spooky or nappy (I am still though but I think that’s the joy of being a parent!!) and yesterday it was really windy and yuck and Jackson was being really silly at one end of the school, so she did lots of lateral work with him down the bottom and quietly moved up.


She wouldn’t have done any of this when she was at her worst, so I’m really pleased, and she’s enjoying riding again.

She’s taken Jackson to dressage and came fourth, so she was really pleased, and the other day in a lesson she jumped him 105cm!!  - I don’t think this would have happened if we hadn’t come to you!


Judith (Mum)                                     ( 3 sessions )


I took Santa to an affiliated BD competition to do 2 elementary tests, following our session, and we had the best scores we’ve ever had! A 71% and nearly 74% - which meant we won both tests – both in our section and overall. We had the highest marks of the day and had a half page write up in Horse and Hound magazine!!


I’m not sure what you did but it worked! I enjoyed every minute of the day, despite Santa being a bit of a lunatic to start with. I didn’t panic, and calmly worked through any issues in our warm up and had 2 lovely tests!

I’m so impressed and the proof was in the pudding for me! We have been working hard at home, Santa has been working on his changes and we are all ready to go out and do an advanced medium test now.


Many thanks

Emily                                                    ( 1 Skype session)

Hi Sherree


I came to you as a last resort as I felt I couldn’t go on dreading every ride , that was full of ‘What if’s’ following a fall last December, particularly as almost all of it was outside of my control  - a bike going past, a pheasant flying up, a deer breaking cover .  My nervousness was clearly transmitting to my horse Ben who was on constant alert for these things to happen  - which they invariably did !


After one session I saw a massive improvement and now after my course of three visits Ben and I are enjoying our riding .  Yes things sometimes happen but I have confidence in my riding , and confidence in my horse that we will cope .  Nothing phases us now and I am now enjoying and looking forward to riding Ben.  He too is much more relaxed and we are a partnership in our hacking.  Thank you  - onwards and upwards !


Helen                                                                   (3 sessions)

Today Foxy has his mum back. 

Jumping anything we find, cantering down a hill and jumping the small fence at the bottom at Foxy speed laughing.


Thank you. Liz                                                       (3 sessions)

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I am so grateful for your advice and counselling sessions I had with you earlier this year.

I had been looking for a long time to find a missing piece to my life puzzle which had been unconsciously holding me back. By trusting you and using your relaxed and professional training methods I was able to find my trigger of self-sabotage and understand how to deal with it and remove it from my mindset.

I found your equestrian focused training, relaxation techniques and management advice invaluable, I was having a difficult time, with my relationship and confidence with my sensitive horse, due to losing my confidence after a fall.

This has led us to form a mutually really good and understanding partnership together.


Thanks again for your help by getting me onto the right track when I was going through a difficult time with my horse, by giving me the confidence and groundwork I needed to succeed.

Jenny                                                             (3 sessions)