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Ellie’s much better.


It took a couple of weeks for her to feel totally confident again but she is now, she is how she was before - not worrying if he’s spooky or nappy (I am still though but I think that’s the joy of being a parent!!) and yesterday it was really windy and yuck and Jackson was being really silly at one end of the school, so she did lots of lateral work with him down the bottom and quietly moved up.


She wouldn’t have done any of this when she was at her worst, so I’m really pleased, and she’s enjoying riding again.

She’s taken Jackson to dressage and came fourth, so she was really pleased, and the other day in a lesson she jumped him 105cm!!  - I don’t think this would have happened if we hadn’t come to you!


Judith (Mum)                                     ( 3 sessions )


I took Santa to an affiliated BD competition to do 2 elementary tests, following our session, and we had the best scores we’ve ever had! A 71% and nearly 74% - which meant we won both tests – both in our section and overall. We had the highest marks of the day and had a half page write up in Horse and Hound magazine!!


I’m not sure what you did but it worked! I enjoyed every minute of the day, despite Santa being a bit of a lunatic to start with. I didn’t panic, and calmly worked through any issues in our warm up and had 2 lovely tests!

I’m so impressed and the proof was in the pudding for me! We have been working hard at home, Santa has been working on his changes and we are all ready to go out and do an advanced medium test now.


Many thanks

Emily                                                    ( 1 Skype session)

Hi Sherree


I came to you as a last resort as I felt I couldn’t go on dreading every ride , that was full of ‘What if’s’ following a fall last December, particularly as almost all of it was outside of my control  - a bike going past, a pheasant flying up, a deer breaking cover .  My nervousness was clearly transmitting to my horse Ben who was on constant alert for these things to happen  - which they invariably did !


After one session I saw a massive improvement and now after my course of three visits Ben and I are enjoying our riding .  Yes things sometimes happen but I have confidence in my riding , and confidence in my horse that we will cope .  Nothing phases us now and I am now enjoying and looking forward to riding Ben.  He too is much more relaxed and we are a partnership in our hacking.  Thank you  - onwards and upwards !


Helen                                                                   (3 sessions)

Today Foxy has his mum back. 

Jumping anything we find, cantering down a hill and jumping the small fence at the bottom at Foxy speed laughing.


Thank you. Liz                                                       (3 sessions)

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